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Carrier Bags

Carrier bags are usually manufactured from polythene but can also be made from alternative eco-friendly materials such as potato starch. Carrier bags are most commonly produced for shops, stores and supermarkets to give to their customers and so are the best known type of 'Retail Bag'.

Retail bags are produced in different styles and sizes, with a gusseted size or a flexi-loop and many other options. However the vest-style carrier bag is probably the most traditional type as they are economic and strong.

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The Power of Printed Carrier Bags

A more necessary factour is the image used for printing on the printed carrier bag, because it's easier to promote your business. By printing the name and address of your business, it is enough to promote your business to the public, you can add a few decoration on your printed carrier bags according your creativity, to see more attractive and potentially increasing value to your products.

We manufacture can carriers for both big and small canning operations. A can carrier has plenty advantages above ring carriers. Our printed carriers with eye popping graphics bring clients to your space in the cooler with graphics that are frequently on point.

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The Times Colonist is looking for newspaper carriers to work in the Reader Sales and Service Department.

Selecting Your Printed Paper Carrier Bags

The Aluminium spectrum offers a combination of quality in big quantities with value for money. These are manufactured as fully automatic printed paper carrier bags with a flexographic print, up to 8 colours central impression with the option of a gloss or matte lamination, if desired.

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If you would like any more information about our spectrum of Plastic Carrier Bags or want to speak with one of our Sales team please call our telephone or occupy in the contact form at the top of this page.

Fast forward 40 years, and we now come by that our plastic carrier bags are having a detrimental impact on the environment, and in the Governments attempt to reduce the amount we use, we are being encouraged to return to our cloth bags and baskets now that's evolution!

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Clear plastic carrier bags

Clear plastic carrier bags are made from strong varigauge film. Varigauge because they are thicker around the handles to give extra resistance and thinner toward the bottom. Clear poly bags are completely see-through meaning customers can see what is inside clearly. This type of carriers can comfortably hold up to 5kg.

Heavy Duty Carrier Bags

Heavy duty carrier bags are suitable for multi-uses including food, use small plastic bags to packing food and large plastic bags to protect your items or pack heavy items. Lightweight and durable these heavy duty poly bags are available in many sizes and models.

Printed Carrier Bags

Printed carrier bags offer an economic and effective marketing solution. Printing a logo or a website address on a shopping bag can help getting the name of your company on the market for a low cost. Customer that by from you will carry the bag wherever they go allowing for other people to see and chances are big that they will come to your shop.

Polybags is the UK leading manufacturer and supplier of polythene packaging and they also offer custom printing services, so if you need to promote you company by having your brand printed make sure to visit Polybags and just fill a printed carrier bags form with your request.

Biodegradable Carrier bags

Having your logo or message printed on retail bags is one way to get to your customers but another great idea is to provide environmentally friendly carriers and your customers will notice that you are concerned with the environment and will give you more credit. Biodegradable carrier bags will break down when disposed of with industrial compost. Biodegradable bags can also be manufactured from potato starch which is 100% renewable and sustainable and will completely disintegrate into CO2, water and biomass in about 12 weeks if disposed in standard composting conditions.

Paper Carrier Bags

For smart alternative to traditional polythene carrier bags, paper bags could be a great solution. Paper carrier bags are strong, smart and biodegradable and they are generally made from materials like kraft, duplex and art card.

Eco-friendly, recyclable and resistant, paper carriers can be used for food packaging, the well known 'take away' bag, as well as a shopping bag. Paper bags can also be ordered with customized printing and with different handle designs, styles and colours.